Winter projects


     So I’ve been busy just like everyone trying to get certain things completed before the holidays. A couple include cowl projects. I’ve become addicted to making and wearing cowls. I think more so with the first. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of putting one on before I step outside my apartment door. I’ve currently made myself three. One I wear the most often, while the other two are waiting for me to sew in the ends. It’s so easy, but such a pain in the butt! These are two that I’ve recently finished for two gfs of mine. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry called Looped & Laced Cowl. What I like about the pattern/design is that it almost looks like cables a little but it’s not. These are made from Universal verigated wool. I altered the original pattern by increasing the total stitches to 162, I think. I knitted up about two thirds of the blue one, and found out it was too tight around my next. So, I had to rip and start over again. I was afraid that the verigated yarn wouldn’t work since color trumps pattern, but I’m happy with how they turned out.



     I’ve already gotten myself into more trouble or work but telling my sister that I could also make her a cowl. She saw one that I had (the one I’ve completely finished). I just had to open my mouth and offer to make her one. I guess I’m sweet like that. Lol I’m not sure if she’d use those exact words, but one can dream, right? The one I had shown her was made up of Noro Yuzen, so it’ll come out a little different. These are the skeins wound up. I’ve got about a third of it completed. I’m hoping to get it done either tonight or tomorrow so that my aunt can take it with her to give to my sister. (She can’t make it due to working Sat and Mon. Coming down from Denver for one day just isn’t worth it.)


     One new item of mine is my yarn bowl. I’ve been seeing them recently in the knitting magazines, but I’ve been surprised with how expensive they are. I’ve been seeing prices that range from $40-60, but that is totally outside my price range of affordability. The local yarn store in Pueblo, Colorado Fiber Arts (CFA) started to sell some for a reasonable price. They’re made by a local pottery shop called Cup and Bowl. I paid about $28, and it’s totally my color, so I’m happy!


     On top of knitting more cowls for my mom and aunt (thanks to the sale Karen’s having at CFA), I’m really excited to knit and felt a purple sheep. Yes, purple. Marie Mayhew is so clever when it comes to felted knitting patterns. I got to meet her last month and got really inspired to try more of her patterns. I have knitted and felted bunnies for Easter, but that’s the extent of working with her patterns. During a class with her she showed us how to “dress up” the patterns/projects. This is what she had done to her sheep pattern.


After knitting and felting, she needle felted merino locks! How freakin awesome, right!?! So I tried to think of any locks I had. I have magenta and teal Teeswater, not quite royal purple Wenslydale locks, a handful of bright magenta, green, and turqoiuse merino, and a large handful of smokey lavender merino locks. So, many to choose from! I know some would say “go bold or go home”, but I think I’ll play it safe first. Once I get the first one done I’ll decide how to approach the next ones. With that said I went with the smokey lavendar locks. I was even able to find a skein of Cascade 220 that goes perfectly with the locks I already had in my stash. Yay for being able to use my stash!


     Another project that I’m in the middle of is The Beekeeper’s Quilt. It’s a project where you knit up a lot (and I do mean a lot) of two dimensional hexigonal “puffs.” You can either stuff them or use them as is. I have decided to stuff mine.


I currently have about 17, but I’ve calculated that for my queen size bed I’ll need about 1,040 or so. Yes, it’ll be a long term project, but it doesn’t take that long to get one done. Plus they’re also small and easy to carry with you in a purse or what not. I’ve recently gotten a couple of mini skeins from another shop, and have those ready to go once I have my other Xmas projects completed.


Then I ordered 3 skeins from Three Irish Girls. They have amazing colors that they dye themselves. I loved getting a card with a fabric that matched the colors. Plus it was signed by another Erin! A lot of the skeins colors have Irish names. The green/blue in the middle is named “Erin” which is my name. They now have another with my last name, which I think I need to get.


     So it looks like I have a lot of knitting to do. This doesn’t even include the spinning projects I have. Well I hope everyone has a good holiday season!


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