Post Xmas???


     Even though it’s almost a week after Xmas, I am not done with my gifts. I was able to finish the cowl for my sister. The original plan was to mail it, but I guess my mom wants to head up there for the new year. About half way done with it I realized that the cowl my sister saw me in when I told her I was going to make her one, was not the same fiber I had already started her’s with. Oh well! Silk/mohair blends are better than cotton, right? (Picture to come soon.)

     Even though I have a hat to finish for another friend for Xmas, which will be really late, I have started on my sheep. It had been awhile since I had done any of Marie’s patterns, so I forgot how quick they knitted up. I finished one sheep within a few hours. Right now I have two knitted up and ready to felt. The one thing that will be new to me will be the legs for the sheep. It requires me to knit an I-cord, hand felt those, and sewing the legs onto the sheep while inserting wire so that they stand. Finally, I’ll need to needle felt the locks to make the sheep look curly.


I think that I’ll have enough locks to do a few sheep so for right now, I have one purple and one light grey knitted up. I think I want to make another in each color. I’ll try to get three done, and if I’m short I have more locks in other colors that will go with the grey I’m using. Once I have the four knitted up, I’ll be felting them. I think maybe they’ll be ready next week. I’d like to say this weekend, but I’ll be out of town. (My aunt doesn’t have a top loading washer, and I use quarter fed washers that I can’t stop and restart the cycle.) That’s OK. It’ll leave me time to work on that hat I need to finish. That is if my aunt’s cat will allow me to knit any while I’m there.

     The problem I’m having right now is that I’m thinking about what colors of scrap 220 I do have so that I can make more sheep. That’s bad, right? I can’t keep a flock of sheep and not everyone I know like sheep. I guess a flock of multicolored sheep would be awesome to have. They would keep me company!

     Anyways…that’s all for me right now. I hope everyone had a good Xmas! Just think 2012 is right around the corner! Crazy how time flies!


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