Lost time = money?


Well due to low enrollment at a college I work at, I had to look for a full time job. I found one. It’s not the one that I was hoping for,  but it’s a job with benefits. With the new job and the part time schedule for one of the college positions I haven’t found any time to do a whole lot of fiber work. The college positions really have me spoiled. The college students’ homework is online, which means it’s graded automatically. I haven’t gotten myself down to a system or schedule with getting all of it graded without giving up either part or all of my weekend. I need to soon cuz it’s driving me insane that I can’t do all that I used to. Granted…with my college teaching, I was only working a few hrs a day and had tons of extra time off.

I have about half of my gifts done without some of the little details, but I guess that’s not technically “done.” Plus I miss my wheel. The only time I get to use it is when I’m at my study group every third Tuesday. I guess I could be spinning now, but after not looking at Ravelry’s new patterns for a week or two I thought I’d put up a post.

Nite all! On with watching my sister’s seasons of The Vampire Diaries and True Blood before tomorrow…of grading! Ugh!


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