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Chocolate Moose Lodge 2012


Every year a group of scrapbooking friendsĀ get together and rent a lodge for a four day weekend. It’s called the Chocolate Moose Lodge. It’s located near Fairplay, CO. It’s a location that we’ve been going to annually for over five years, with a one year break. It can accomidate 10 people max. The whole basement is set up with tables, chairs, lighting, TV, movies, and some supplies. The trip is from Thurs afternoon to Sun around noon. So in other words, tons of time to get lots done!

At first I wasn’t scheduled to go. Even though the price to go really is a steal, I wans’t able to pay everything up front to reserve a spot, but a friend of mine had to cancel. So she gave me her spot. I was able to get about a dozen pages worked on, which is definitely more than I can get done at a nite at an Archiver’s. We watched a ton of chich flicks due to the fact that some of the ladies we go with have a house full of guys. We also tried to catch up on our episodes of Glee. Last year I brought the first season and we got through all of the DVDs to leave the gang hanging. This year I brought the second season. We were only able to get through almost half of the episodes. šŸ˜¦ I think some of them got Gleeked out.

I was able to knit a little on the way and back, plus a little while there. I’m still working on my niece’s hoodie, but now I have a 1 yr old’s bday party to go to on Sat. I’m not really motivated to work on the project right now, but I probably should since tomorrow is Fri. It’s just that I have been spinning, and just last nite started to wash my smaller of the two fleeces. It washed out pretty easily. I just need to lay it out when I get home from work. I was worried about leaving my wet fiber lying out on the kitchen floor with my kitty all by his lonesome. Can you say major hairball!?!